Wednesday, 3 December 2008

To begin at the beginning....

Well here I am starting a blog... I have been inspired by reading a few others and thought it might be a nice thing to share the story of my quilt.
During the summer I spent time with a friend who is a quilter. Wherever we went she had a little plastic wallet with fabric in, I loved to take out the pieces she had cut and lay them out, studying, and thinking...
Well I have over the years turned my had to many different crafts....decoupage...beading....knitting (20 scarves...not very inspiring!!) but most need equipment and a table so are not portable. It got me thinking...I am not precise so regular quilting was out....I have mounds of fabric bits.... and embroidery thread.....and then one day I sat drinking tea (something we do a lot in our house) having a conversation with my daughter who was applying to university. We talked about how much she would miss home, the snuggling up under the blanket on the sofa together to watch a film..... ding! The quilt idea was born..
It won't be perfect, it probably, because of the collection of fabric I am starting with, won't match too well, but it will most certainly be a quilt of love... For my daughter to wrap around herself when she is far away from home.
So here is the first square, made from a bundle of fabric squares I bought many years ago...why? Who know....just liked the colours! And some pieces from Jess's godmother Kenice... the colours are hers seen all around her house.