Wednesday, 3 December 2008

To begin at the beginning....

Well here I am starting a blog... I have been inspired by reading a few others and thought it might be a nice thing to share the story of my quilt.
During the summer I spent time with a friend who is a quilter. Wherever we went she had a little plastic wallet with fabric in, I loved to take out the pieces she had cut and lay them out, studying, and thinking...
Well I have over the years turned my had to many different crafts....decoupage...beading....knitting (20 scarves...not very inspiring!!) but most need equipment and a table so are not portable. It got me thinking...I am not precise so regular quilting was out....I have mounds of fabric bits.... and embroidery thread.....and then one day I sat drinking tea (something we do a lot in our house) having a conversation with my daughter who was applying to university. We talked about how much she would miss home, the snuggling up under the blanket on the sofa together to watch a film..... ding! The quilt idea was born..
It won't be perfect, it probably, because of the collection of fabric I am starting with, won't match too well, but it will most certainly be a quilt of love... For my daughter to wrap around herself when she is far away from home.
So here is the first square, made from a bundle of fabric squares I bought many years ago...why? Who know....just liked the colours! And some pieces from Jess's godmother Kenice... the colours are hers seen all around her house.


June said...

Andrea the quilt will be the next best thing to your arms. I have always wanted to create a crazy quilt (that's what we call them here, maybe you do too) I've just never been too brave about it.

When I received your comment today, I sat thinking that you had just given me a priceless gift today. Telling me that I helped make you smile was the best message I could have received. Isn't this what Christmas is truely about?

Androushka said...

Hi June,
Thank you for replying to my comment. I wish you a Happy New Year. I was just reading your blog and saw you started a year ago, and what a wonderful blog it is.

We call them crazy quilts here too and I have in fact made several squares over the past months, I will photograph and post them.. I am also itching to make one for my room in all the white fabrics and lace I have collected over the years....inspiration from your 'White Wednesdays' I have always had a yearning for an all white room...and I think my bedroom and new quilt might be on the horizon! Abdrea xx